Sunday, March 14, 2021

Relationships Continue

See that young woman on the Say Word image of my blog header? Let's call her B. 

Some of you know her real name. She was in my class and an active member of our poetry club. Some of you know her positivity and her parents. That photo was taken on stage during our yearly poetry slam. Some of you may have been in the room for that slam. One of many brave voices that year, B delivered a poem about sex and abstinence-- she may have included a reference to fruit.  How was that a decade ago already? Last week, B turned twenty-seven?! 

Her light and energy is captured in the up-tilt of her chin. She spoke words she wrote with panache in front of five-hundred of her peers that day, such confidence. That spirit brought her around the world too. After college graduation, she investigating teaching English overseas. She moved here to Singapore and taught little ones at My English School.  I remember well her first message about moving. 

I was in a PLC meeting and she messaged me.  I will still so new to Singapore myself, having lived here just three months. B messaged that she'd had several offers from English schools in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. She thought the Singaporean contract was the best offer and asked for advice. 

I turned to the PLC and asked them what they thought. When it became clear that the school would not provide housing or health insurance, the PLC group thought that the compensation offered was not enough: $4,000 SGD today equals $2975.OO USD.  

People live on far less. With roommates or by renting a single room, I knew she could do it. She knew she could too. 

So she did.

B in Chang Mai, Thailand for the flower festival, 2019.

If in 2008 or 2009 my principal or a colleague had said, "Just you wait. Your paths with these kids-- they will continue to connect. I bet you'll even meet that one in Singapore once she graduates." 

I wouldn't have believed it. Could hardly imagine it then. 

Incredible things are possible. 

This student, that teacher, relationships with the people near and around us in school. They come back to you in surprising ways. The end of a quarter, the end of a school year, those false endings belie the truth. Relationships continue. 

Me, B back in Orlando and to dinner with her parents, January 2020 

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