Thursday, March 11, 2021

Friday Fun

We have an amazing PTA here. Volunteers go above and beyond to show extraordinary care for students (and teachers). Today, the PTA celebrates our seniors with a bit of March madness fun. Check it out!

Balloon joy decor at the top of the stairs in the high school foyer.

Game play for prizes.

Hydration station with Singapore-themed game bracket banner.

Treats for seniors to grab during passing time and lunch.

Special shout outs to seniors and socially-distanced selfie spots

Such celebration two-weeks before spring break makes campus feel almost normal, if masked and socially-distanced. Such hope in celebration. Welcoming and bright the foyer space encourages seniors to pause and connect, to take a minute and enjoy one another here at school. Our kids are so lucky.


  1. Wow! Those are some elaborate installations. Thank you for sharing the inspiring displays -- and to the PTA for celebrating those seniors.

  2. Your seniors will definitely appreciate all the beautiful decorations!

  3. Love the photos and the feeling of “almost normal.” Kids deserve all these special moments in this tough year.