Saturday, March 4, 2023

Varsity Speaking


Sophia, Alice and Harini, Original Oratory delegates

"Are scores out yet?"

"Ms S, do you have the scores?"

"Where are you?"

"How'd you do?"

"What'd it say?"




A few of the reactions from speakers participating in this week's speaking tournament, our Cultural Convention.

Cultural Convention brings six IASAS  schools together for some friendly competition in the areas of forensics and debate, dance, drama, theatre tech, music, art and film. IASAS being the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools.  Singapore American School (SAS) is hosting the forensics and debate convention this year. 

Excitement fills our campus as kids compete.

Aside from debate, events include Original Oratory, which I coach, Oral Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking and Extemporaneous speaking. Each team brings three delegates to the convention which gives us eighteen speakers in each category. The top six in each event will go on to a finals round. The table below summarizes the different events.

We have had two days, three rounds of magnificent speeches, oral interpretations, and debates. The Original Oratory (OO) team includes Harini, grade 12, Sophia, grade 11, and Alice, grade 10. Harini's speech persuades  students to stop using big words to sound smart; Sophia writes to persuade students to read critically and  Alice's speech informs us on the drawbacks of choice paralysis. Varied and true, I love these writers, these speakers and the work they have put into their pieces

We face finals today. Exempt, Oral Interpretation and Original Oratory all have speakers moving on to finals this year. 

Wish us luck!

Today is day 4 of 31 of the Slice of the annual Life Story Challenge 
hosted by the terrific team at Two Writing Teachers.


  1. As a former international teacher, I loved reading about this international competition. May your students bring their best and enjoy every moment!

  2. One thing I miss being retired is working with my speech kids. That dialogue at the beginning took me right back to competitions.

  3. Lee Ann, I've been trying to figure out how to comment on your blog for several days. I'm not able to on my phone, which is what I generally use for reading and commenting on SOL posts. This evening I decided to try on my MacAir. Success! Okay, I love reading about your students' speech contests. It always takes me back to my own doys of competition and coaching. Good luck to all in the next tournamant.