Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Snaps

In poetry slam communities when the audience loves a line, an image, a poet's voice or piece, often, they snap. Snapping as a form of appreciation has a history as Katherine Rosman notes in "Why Snapping is the New Clapping." This Sunday, I'm going to share six or seven snaps in no particular order, snapshots in this case, to show some gratitude and appreciation for the week.

 One Republic in concert: incredible--amazing, Ryan Tedder's voice and song writing history.

Spotting cool buildings when out with friends.

Views of the eco-garden from the third floor of the high school: lush, gorgeous, green

Three students from our school competed in the Forensics finals round. Original Oratory took home the gold!

Finished the first draft of our This We Believe project--love, love, love hearing kids' voices! Now to figure out to share them. Photos are linked to our audio recordings--how do you think I could I share them?
So satisfying, rain and book reading. I've been on an Elizabeth Stout kick, reading through the Lucy Barton books, our of order (4,3,1) and loving them. So clean, so crisp, so start the short sentences in Lucy by the Sea. Those sentences combined with the isolated seaside setting sure echoed the loneliness and unknowns of the pandemic.

Snaps to the team at Two Writing Teachers (TWT) who hosts Slice of Life Story Challenge every day in March.
Swing by TWT to serve yourself up another slice or link up your own and join us!


  1. WOW! I love how you took the action of a snap and appied it to photos from your week! You've got me thinking about what I'd give a snap to?!! I may steal this as a slice idea!! Let's keep snapping!!

  2. Lee Ann, I also love this idea! May I borrow it also? I love how you showed us in photos the snaps of your week. This is a creative way to post, and photography blogging is one of my yearly goals. I may mention you on the last day of the month when I review all my goal progress each month, because your post today gives me an idea of spending a couple of days a month creating a blog just like this one. It's absolutely fabulous, and I love it.

  3. Snapping is lots of fun in the classroom, too. My students and I did this often, and I showed our tour group in Thailand snapping. They didn't catch on! Anyway, I like the idea of a snapping/snaps post. I might need to do this later this month. Good snaps, too.