Monday, March 5, 2018

Photo Memories

Oh my... after a day of sorting out closets and donating clothes and checking senior apartments (planting seeds for Mom) and shredding pay slips from 1992 and clearing off shelves and drawers and cabinets and double checking that we got all the bullets and guns (all gone), we sit with boxes of pictures and letters and remember and tell stories.

Today were stories of highs and lows— people are complex and complicated and opinionated after all. Still, suck luck and love in our family lives. Today’s cache include: graduation, the jumper mom made me, my first  cousin, Krystal and I making funny baby faces (we must have been saying something in our secret baby language) and entire series of my brother we tagged as #heygirl. 

This is the good part of remembering. 

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  1. Your graduation picture is so cute. 👩‍🎓 But you must be exhausted.