Sunday, March 4, 2018

Paper or Plastic

"Paper or plastic?"

In a grocery store, I would answer paper, or pull out my own reusable shopping bags. In a book store, the answer depends on how quickly I have to get my hands on the book.I have a friend who says she's read just one "plastic" book --her moniker for all digital texts--but I love reading e-books even more so now that I've discovered how to borrow them from the library.

Now, I read on my iPad and my cell phone.  I read on a laptop or a desktop or on paper in the car or sitting on the train.  I buy e-books and I also  downloaded them my local library for a trip. I prefer to read a print book just before bed, but that doesn't mean I don't have several e-books going in addition. I'm that sort of read-around reader sometimes. Are you?

Z is. She is a ninth grader who loves a good story. I've been feeding her books since fall. Her first run through an author's work was in September when she discovered Sonya Sones.

She's read so much this year, book after book. She is breathing stories in. So a couple of weeks ago she came to me looking for book recommendations. I talked up The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski: powerful central character, plenty of plot twist, medieval meets dystopian feel. I figured she would love it. She took it straight away. 

Z ran into the room before school started the next morning.  Holding the book out to me, she said, "I did mean to finish it! It was just so good!"



  1. I love some of your descriptions of devouring books- "feeding them" to your students, them "breathing them in." That's exactly how I feel about reading. And yes- I'll read any way I can!

  2. I agree with Carol, yes I too love the idea of "feeding" it implies nurturing and growth and care. Well done!

  3. I bought a Kindle - I miss the feeling of paper books, but now I can read in the dark...

    Awesome that you're nurturing an up-and-coming reader - like Carol and Jennifer, I love the idea of "feeding" your students :)

  4. My students mostly prefer paper books, and some recently lamented they’re worried about e-books displacing paper. I like variety, depending on my reading purpose. But mostly I read print books.

  5. I actually read tons of books on my kindle, but the books I want to savor I prefer paper. The