Monday, January 12, 2009

I Love My Question

It's midterm exam time in my school and I'm excited about exams! Half of my students' exam is an individualized essay question that I wrote for them based on the reading (mostly books/novels) they have completed this semester. The practice is based on my mentor's , Janet Allen started creating questions for her language arts students in Maine many years ago and I have been doing it for the past decade. This year, I'm teaching an AVID elective class. I gave students their questions last Friday. Each student gets their question and the rubric I will use to grade it on the same page. I love the day I hand out questions because students, for the most part, love their questions and they tell me about it. In the past I've gotten great writing from my students in response to their individual essay questions. Tomorrow I will dive into them and I can hardly wait. What about you? What do you include on your final exam?

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