Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wordle Meme

Diane Cordell responded to a Wordle Meme this week, so I thought I'd take up the Meme and create one for Portable Teacher. A meme is the spreading of an idea peer to peer or in this case via the Internet; at least that's my working definition of memes. She was "tagged" with the meme. I've never been tagged but I liken it to several people responding to the same prompt. I was pleased to see that Portable Teacher's wordle focuses on students and school, mirroring the purpose of our blog. Teachers are tiny and students are mighty in the wordle. Like a fact checker, wordles provide an image of a blog or user's focus. Over the summer, I blogged about Wordles and created a few with my Delicious account.

How could use Wordle in class? It would be interesting to type in an article's web address and use the wordle to talk about theme and main idea--which reminds me of Kylene Beer's example of the most important word strategy in When Kids Can't Read. Instead of chosing the words yourself though, Wordle would choose them. I wonder what students would make of that.

Want to make your own? Go to Wordle and enter your text or url to see the results.

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