Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Assessing and Re-Assessing

 "If we didn't use evidence from the unit in our essay does that count against us?" a student asked this afternoon as they were reviewing recent on-demand, argument essays.

"Yes, the prompt asks that you use evidence from the readings in this unit, so if you did not address that part, then it will count against you," I answer.

"Could we have mentioned one title and author--is that enough?" the student probed.

"We, the teachers in the AP Language PLC, didn't put a quantity or a number on how many pieces of evidence from our six week unit would "count" per se, so I can't answer that without reading through your argument--- does that make sense?" 

In my mind, I'm scrolling through all of the reading we did together and then all the articles  students could choose to read independently during the unit. Together we read Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me, excerpts from Iojema Oluo's So You Want to Talk about Race, and  Nguyen's "Asian Americans are Still Caught in the Trap of the Model Minory Stereotype." Students also had weekly choices to read which included: 

The student nods affirmatively. Then asks, "we will we have a chance to re-assess this timed writing?"

I knew the question would come and I did not want to say no. At the same time, if you are taking a position on an argument prompt about protests and oppression and you do not reference any of these readings...  what could that tell me as a teacher?

"We will continue to practice and improve our skills when it comes to writing argument on demand. And no, because you wrote two pieces and then reflected and chose which to have scored, reassessment will not be offered on this particular assessment." 

Later, I spoke with the student about connecting with me for more coaching over practice they could write in their journal. I know the student will take me up on it. They are keen to improve and they have their eyes on the horizon that is the AP Language exam in May.

How do you handle reassessment in your PLC or department? 

Many thanks to the team at Two Writing Teachers who host the Slice of Life Story
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  1. Students could choose to put their on-demands (after I make a copy) in their writing folder to return to.