Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Into the Woods

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"Please may I go to the festival?" Cinderella sings.

"The festival?" I should respond and then pause as the narrator says, "The poor girl's mother had died."

"You, Cinderella, the festival? The festival--The King's festival?" the step-family rants on.

Oh my gosh, I am IN a musical!  It's opening night for the faculty musical. Tonight we'll put on Into the Woods (the junior edition). Eeeek!
That's me, Auntie Em, far right in the front row. Next to me
is Maureen, then Stacy and Phillip-- we were all in Mrs. Charles'
class at Brookshire Elementary. 

The last time I was onstage in a play was maybe grade three, 1975. I was Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz.

I've been "off book" since early February. I know my lines. I know the music. That doesn't mean I can actually do the thing though.

I am in the learning pit! I am not an expert nor do I have much experience--it's sometimes a struggle being that learner on the stage.  I hate to let others down. Making mistakes doesn't feel as good as getting it right.

What do I do when I miss a cue? What do I do when someone who sings/speaks before me misses a cue?

The answer, I know, is not to open your eyes and mouth so wide you have three big circles on your face. That fish-out-of-water gasp doesn't do much good for the show either. Eeeeek!

My costume is ready. My hair is practicing it's "victory role." We perform after school today, tomorrow and Friday. Wish me luck!


  1. Best of luck!! I enjoyed your excited, vibrant tone--you're doing to do GREAT! :)

  2. Wow! I wish I could see you do this. It actually sounds like great fun. We have a local theatre group and I keep getting tempted to jump in even though I have absolutely no experience.

  3. You rocked it! Looking forward to the next 2 performances!!!

    BTW - You looked like Collin when you were in Grade 3 :-)