Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Sights

I have a running list in my mind of sights and sounds of Singapore I want to see. My son and I usually reserve after-church time on Sundays for such outings. Since I've been home this week for Dad's memorial service, I've thought a lot about our favorite Florida places--the sea, especially, calls.  Here are six Sunday sights.

Blue sky, golden beach grass, big sea grape leaves draped over dunes and ocean— waves and waves of it with not a high rise in sight. This is our “local” beach. There are pit toilets in the parking lots and boardwalks up over the dunes to the beach— we love how unspoiled (some would say primitive) it is. Bring your own water for drinking and washing up at day’s end.

Just down the way in Merrit Island is the Haulover canal which connects Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River. My husband loves this spot. It often affords views of manatee (in February) or alligator (especially in March). Drive by to get a gander at the bridge or pull the car over and step out to walk up and  see what the fishermen are catching.

Gator getting into the river.

In east Orlando, when heading east on highway 50 you cross the St Johns river— the longest river in Florida. At this intersection with the highway, there are airboat rides and there is a fish camp and a boat ramp and often cows out grazing the river flats. The flats run dusty gold toward the horizon this time of year with just a few palms sitting the landscape. My eyes love that vista. Put a boat in there or rent one and see alligator and water birds. My son got this great gator shot when he and my husband were out on the river in the canoe this week.

Am old favorite in Winter Park, Leu Gardens boasts a gorgeous garden and special events like Jazz under the stars or the upcoming Boots & Blues concert. For an evening event, put together a picnic— fancy or simple— bring a blanket and chairs and hang out on the great lawn for a concert. Definitely a good time.

The blooms are bursting late February and early March at Azalea Gardens. This was my go-to picnic spot in high school and college— it’s a large garden with several private azalea framed alcoves. Plus it’s on a lake and has a cool sort of crumbly columned stone structure that is great in photographs.

In the summer, if we are outside, we are likely in water. We’re at the beach or floating in the springs. The springs maintain consistently cool water temperatures all year, so they are safe swimming holes in the heat of summer. At Rock Springs you can jump into the “run” at the spring head  and float with current down to the swimming hole. Sift through the sand of the spring for shark’s teeth or snorkel the edges to spot fish and water creatures. On the weekends, you’ve got to get there early because the park fills up and rangers close the gate. The best is a mid-week visit when the spring is not as crowded or for the truly brave, camp there and enjoy early- access to the water before the park opens.


  1. I read a post yesterday about favorite Florida spots, and your post lists even more. No replications. Looks as though I need another Florida trip.

    1. Yes! That was my friend, Beth who blogs over at Her lists often inspire me to write my own. You DO need another Florida trip! If you plan one, do tell--we return this summer.

  2. Excellent senses of place and the memories that come with each special one.

  3. Being away from home gives you a new perspective, doesn't it? These places sound like such fun adventures!

  4. I just sent a link to your post to a loved one in FL who might find a new favorite place!
    Thank you.
    About the writing- you get the conversational tone just right for these recs. Good variety of beginnings- you find different ways to engage the reader for each paragraph.

  5. Great images that you've captured!