Friday, March 16, 2018

Sort and Learn

“You might need to spread out on the floor,” I said.

They did.

They sort words into categories. Words that meant talkative and not talkative. Words that meant criticism and praise. Words for hidden or secretive. 

“Rail? Like the railroad?” 

“I don’t think so. Look it up.”

Yes! Talk and discovery and rehearsal and practice. We followed the sort with a word round up in students’ academic journals. Then we played a round of Kahoot. 

Come Monday we’ll review again with Quizlet Live.  Looking for some lists? See the links below.

Praise & Criticism words

Secret/hidden & Stubborn words

Talkative & Not talkative words


  1. I love the hands on activities. It helps them practice the skill of the lesson and how to interact with their peers!

  2. Hi Lee Ann,
    I teach 5th grade at SAS and have been part of the Slice of Life Challenge these past 8 years....I was just very excited to see another SOL community member at SAS! My students have been blogging as well. Do you have your high school students participate as well? We should say hi in person sometime. :)
    Jee Young Kim