Thursday, March 8, 2018

Where’s the Beef?

“Earthy tones. Hint of leather. If you like the texture of a tire..”

My brother cracks me up. 

“Which one is that?” my Mom asks. 

“It’s technically number four but we are discontinuing number three because it’s Turkey.” John says. “If you like leather, go for that one.”

Oh my. We took Mom out to walk along Park Avenue today and we ran a couple of errands: post office, drug store, gas station. At the drug store, I saw a bag of Krave beef jerky at the checkout counter and asked John if he’d ever had it. “The Chili Lime flavor is fantastic,” I said. “But this is black cherry.” The clerk quickly pointed out the wall of jerky and that was all we needed to hatch a pre-dinner plan: a beef jerky taste test.

We gathered around the kitchen table — and Rick, my husband, and John got the side-by-side comparison set up. It was challenging to capture the conversation while laughing. 

“If you missed power bars from the 1980s then this is the jerky for you”

“My tongue still burns from it!” Mom says.

“Then have a cracker and cheese chaser!” my brother replies. 

Life (and and laughter) is good.

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  1. The best jerky I've had was homemade though I am afraid to make it. Glad you had a good evening of memories to be made.