Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Summer of

A talented teacher-author I know has named her summer the summer of silver. She tags her photos with the name. She's creating and curating memories. I love the sound and the slippery joy of a silver summer. I enjoy getting a peek into the memories she's making on social media. The summer of silver brings water glints and sunshine to mind in ways that I can smell. In a way that makes me smile and hum. 

Do It Yourself, Andy Warhol, 1962

I don't yet know the story behind my friend's naming of summer, but I like to imagine what it could be: an anniversary or an element. I'm in the copper year of my marriage, Copper Summer doesn't sound too bad- I like the patina and pastiche of it. What elemental name could I give summer? Surely not Sulfur and I'm certainly too lazy for Iron this year.  Naming the season or the summer reminds me of how we organize stories-- a name is like a narrative thread we can pull. I like the intentionality of naming.

Intention counts -- not with calories, unfortunately, but with mindsets and hearts. 

It is summer, sweet, sweet summer. I am going to swim and sleep and read and draw and create and love and skate and smile and hike.  I already got the bikes in working order and arts and crafts ideas lined up. I have time to make plans and meet friends, to cook or go out.

We are in our second glorious week of summer and I feel the slip and slide of time. This time last year families were stunned and grieving the lives lost at the Pulse night club. This time last year I was walking around Lake Eola and the Dr. Phillips' Center downtown, praying with the community and marveling at the musicians churches sent out to comfort mourners. So much can happen in a summer.

This time next year I will be half a world away finished with my first year at a new school. Next year, I will planning a trip to see family. 

This summer I want to be in the moment. In the right this minute of now. I want to feel the beauty of seconds and see love in details. 

I want to savor time with family and friends before our big move to Singapore in July. Savory Summer or the summer of savory, sounds too food-centric.  I did my fair share of stress eating to close out the school year, so I need a little less sweet and savory in this summer. So what could I name this summer?  I don't know what or even if I want to name it, but I sure know I plan to enjoy it.

I hope you do too. 


  1. Oh, I LOVE this! I named my summer, the summer of YES and I blogged about it on Saturday. My intention is to be more brave and take more risks. For your summer, what about the Summer of Presence? Enjoy your summer days! Mine started today!

  2. Beauty in the seconds and love in the details ... I like those phrases... maybe your summer's name is somewhere in there...

  3. Sounds like "Singapore Summer" for you! I still can't believe you're moving! How exciting! I love your post on naming the summer. Have a great one! (Jennifer Sniadecki)

  4. I love the idea of naming a summer! Maybe I will think about it as this summer goes along and come up with a name for it near the end! Hope yours is full of joy!

  5. Your savory summer sounds delicious. Slip and slide. Enjoy!

  6. Sunshine summer seems appropriate--Mercury summer or Silver summer. I love this line: Intention counts -- not with calories, unfortunately, but with mindsets and hearts.

    Too true.
    Best of luck as you make your move in July. Wishing you a safe journey and one full of joy.

  7. Precious summer. So many fantstic memories linked to summer. I long for the days that had time elongated so it and they seemed to stretch forever. Reminds me of Frost's, "Nothing Gold Can Stay". Maybe I should name mine the summer of gold. Look for treasure in quiet, reflective moments. Make more golden memories, find hidden treasures in simple things. I think naming summer is a perfect plan. I hope yours is exactly what you need, L.A. Lucky Singapore to have you. Cannot wait to hear more about your experience(s). Janet Clare F.