Monday, March 13, 2017

Winning Teams

"We've got to work together, guys! 'A meditative speech...' geez I don't know three of those of those words! Have you looked at his words?" Ivanna asks Sebastian and Kevin.
"I don't know them. Want to guess?" Sebastian replies.
"Okay, I'll guess," Kevin decides.
"Oh no!" Ivanna yells as team Unicorn loses all its points . "We're all the way at the very bottom again!"

Each time a team member guesses incorrectly the team score resets itself to zero! Groans and cheers are heard simultaneously during Quizlet Live rounds.

And so it went during a few rounds this morning. Quizlet Live randomizes animal-themed teams for a vocabulary review game. It's quick. It's fun. It serves a variety of purposes: activating background knowledge, practicing vocabulary, generating atudent talk and building team spirit.

Each person on the team has a different set of answers but everyone sees the same question. The key is talking about the answers and sharing what you know with your group. Team members that talk and think aloud with each other usually win. Watching how kids strategize informa me too. 


Instead of talking it through, some kids will line their laptops up and stand so that they can read all the screens at once and then gesture at the answers. The game gives every group questions in a different order, but some kids don't want to give away answers to other groups with their conversation. . Sometimes one student will take over a group and answer for all. The best teams talk through answer choices, listen to each other and trust when someone knows it.

 With a minute keft in sixth period, kids demanded another round! They love this game.

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  1. This: "Team members that talk and think aloud with each other usually win." I love when kids support one another in their learning and have a good time doing it. I need to use Quizlet in my speech classes!