Thursday, March 16, 2017

Community Circles

It's the last school day before spring break. Teachers have a work day tomorrow to finalize quarter three grades. I want to keep our community connected and send kids off to break with positive thoughts. So,  today we celebrated with a compliment circle and donuts! 

  1. Circle the desks.
  2. Give each person a blank pice of paper.
  3. Write names at the top of the page.
  4. Pass the paper to the right (or left as suits you).
  5. Set a ine minute timer.
  6. Write a specific compliment for the person on the page.
  7. At the timer, pass and repeat.
I am always impressed with what kids write to me and to one another. During one class period I saw a lot of students write vague notes along the lines of " I don't really know you, but you seem pretty chill." I asked one of the kids about it after class and he helped me see that the kids in that class period really didn't know each other. As members of our magnet program they've traveled as a pack for a year, but as I realized today, being in a program together doesn't equate with making friendships or building connections with everyone.

Next time maybe I need to do a questions circle, I thought aloud with my son after school. Same concept but each person takes a line and writes a question. The. Then each person gets a day to briefly answer questions before sharing via a gallery pass around the circle the next day. I think we'd learn a lot about each other. I wonder what kinds of questions kids would ask? 



  1. Lee Ann, having a community circle activity builds feelings of trust and of course the donuts make everyone happy. I like this new activity you created and look forward to hearing how it works out.

  2. What a great reflection on how to make this even more meaningful -- I LOVE that idea and as a coach, I'd love to do both activities (the questions, the compliments) with teachers, too. The stronger our communities are (more trust, more care), the bette work we can do. THANK YOU for sharing!

  3. It made me laugh when I opened your post and saw just the title & picture. Community Circle=Donut!

    What a great activity...and great reflection. I'd be interested to see what questions the students might ask as well.

    Enjoy your break!

  4. I love the idea of sending kids off on a break with positive thoughts. Too many times the day before a long break can be hectic and negative, with teachers yelling! This is much better. :-) Like Krista, I loved the donut!

  5. Question circle? That's an interesting idea. Hmmm! I love the compliment circle. Thank you for the reminder and happy spring break!

  6. I love the idea of the question circle. Awesome!