Thursday, March 21, 2013

When the Student is Ready

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
~ Buddhist Proverb

This morning a senior student, E,  came to my room after first period to talk to me about an essay he's written as part of an application to a special program at one of our local universities. I had E as a freshman and again his junior year. He rushes up to me between classes as I'm trying to dash out to the bathroom, so I say, "walk with me." He does, talking as I listen.

"Miss, you know that program I'm applying to?"
"Well, I wrote the essay..."
"And you want me to go over it with you?"
"Well, I gave it to my girlfriend and she said it's like atrocious, horrible! Can you..."
"Look at it with you?"
"Well, I have it on a flash drive."
"I like to sit with the writer when we look at piece."
"Can you come after school?"
"Um...I didn't drive today."
"Or in the morning?"
"Yea that would be good. Oh and..."
"Do you have like a grammar for dummies book or somethin' I can borrow?"
"I am sure that I do, E."
"Sweet! See ya in the morning."

I made the turn off the sidewalk to the teachers' restrooms and he continued on to his second period class. I have to admit, I did a little dance; it was a happy dance moment for my teacher self. Finally! Finally, he sees the importance of editing.


  1. Those are the moments that we, as teachers, live for! Hooray!! I celebrate with you!

  2. There is SO much in this conversation! You are so good to write them down so that you can remember a highlight. Love it-- do you have grammar for dummies! Good for him!!

  3. How sweet - when they are finally ready to learn the possibilities are endless.

  4. Loved peeking in on this conversation! It reminds us that kids will embrace their learning when they're ready. :)

  5. How perfectly matched ....the quote and the story. I'm sure you looked beyond the atrocity and found plenty to praise!

  6. I love how you capture his voice here. :)

  7. The quotation at the beginning frames your slice perfectly. Those moments are so wonderful! Interesting how we can't REALLY teach much until the student is ready to learn it. (But we can do a lot to help them be ready!)

    Hope you are recovering well from your surgery!