Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 1-14-13

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I missed last Monday. It was back to school and packing lunches and making coffee and organizing for the week. Then once I arrived at school. Well, you can imagine! I wish I'd left my classroom a bit tidier. Wish I'd planned and planned and graded and recorded and responed during vacation. But I didn't and to be truthful, I'm glad that I didn't. I enjoyed catching up last week. There was enough. Enough time to get what needed doing done. Enough to keep me busy.

Ruth Ayres wrote a great enough piece last week on Two Writing Teachers. It's sustained me last week.  I sent it to teachers and administrators at my school. Many emailed back to say it was just what they needed.
I love those just in time, perfect reads. Be they blog posts or books.

Books I'm reading this week include Godwink Stories by Squire Rushnell and Louise Duart, Art at the Speed of Life edited by Pam Carriker and  Daniel Handler and Maria Kalman's Why We Broke Up. How I missed  the latter when it came out, I don't know. It is gorgeous. Printed on amazing, heavy-weight, gloss paper, Kalman's painting pop. Handler's writing--the description and the listing--delightful to read.

Godwink and Art at the Speed of Life are books I will be dipping into over the next few weeks. Both were gifts. Godwink Stories talks about lifes' coincidences as winks from God--little things people notice that put their hearts at ease or cheer them. The art book is chock-full of cool techniques I'm going to try as I paint my way toward summer.

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  1. Time to get the Handler book. I almost bought it some time ago, & decided to wait. So many are talking about it, now, I'm sorry I still haven't read it. I do love Maira Kalman. Thanks for your 'heads up' too, Lee Ann.