Thursday, December 2, 2010

Novel Gift

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Amazing things are happening and we're still more than a fortnight away from Project for Awesome!

Partnering with First Book, the Readergirlz are giving away more than 125,000 novels. Wow! Brand-new books going to teens that need them. What's the catch? Registration. The book fairy cannot read your mind or the map of your school's needs. Go to Readergirlz for all the details or go directly to the 5 minute registration site at First Book.

My students are anxiously waiting to dive into the new books I brought back from NCTE. Not the Project for Awesome auction books, but additional books I collected in the exhibit hall. Many are advance reading copies, or bargain books I purchased on the last day of the conference, unsigned, but definitely beautiful. I came home with 80 or so. We've made grand stacks on the back table. You should have seen my students hovering around the stacks yesterday as they finished their reading benchmark exams.

"Ooo... can I see this one?"
"Can I just look at this one?"
"Miss can I read...?"

Really? Better than chocolate cake their "can I" questions.

1 comment:

  1. I beat your score with close to 125 books or so--and I didn't get to even go to ALAN (next year's goal). Pretty sure I got more because I pulled the "I'm-a-first-yr-teacher" card everywhere! Haha. :)

    I am hoping to be able to start mailing the books out to students across the state of Florida once I get my own "virtual" classroom with FLVS (if I get hired*crosses fingers*). Got a friend who owns a small business who may be able to work out a deal for me on shipping costs for this work of love.

    Thank you for sharing your special moments in your class that touch a teacher's heart. Those are the moments worth cherishing that make this work so worth it!