Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Wonder

I wonder what the world would be like if we could just be "a little kinder." I wonder how I can get my students reading like my son does. I wonder if my students have books at home or parents who read or people in their lives (other than me) that are excited about books. I wonder...

I lost Wonder recently. I'd read the book and promised it to my son next, but when he was ready to read it we couldn't find it anywhere. We both figured I'd taken it to school. So I looked in all of the book stacks and bins in the classroom and couldn't find it anywhere.

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At dinner last night after reading Stacey's Wonder post on Two Writing Teachers, I realized that just maybe I'd put it my son's to-be-read pile.

Wouldn't you know, that is exactly where I'd put it.

Wonder found!

Even more remarkable to me was what my son said next, "I'm almost done with Vladimir Todd- I can probably start it tonight!"

What? Didn't I just send that Vladimir Todd book to his iTouch? I said something to that effect aloud.

"What?" he replied,  "It's only 182 pages!"

Oh my. I wonder how we will keep him in books and get him through middle school reading-passion intact.

I wonder.

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  1. I wonder how a student who has a mom who reads hasn't captured her son's attention with reading as you have done. Love how you have fostered the love of reading with your boy.

  2. With two in middle school and one finishing high school we finally broke down and got two kindles this past December. What a life saver - so many good books for free! Now they can all devour at their preferred rate - and we still go to the library twice a month! I love you wondering wandering post.

  3. I am still in the middle of Wonder and I don't want to leave! What a great text to share with your son!

    1. I love that feeling, that wistful, not wanting a book to end longing!

  4. I love that your son is voraciously reading. How exciting! I am in the middle of Wonder and can't wait to dive back in later this evening.

  5. I love it! The race to read, the fun of sharing books with our children! Now I am off to find Vladimir Todd since I don't know that book. Thanks for the post.

  6. I keep hearing about this wonderful book, so I believe I will be reading it soon. Then my kids will be reading it too. I love how you kept using the phrase I wonder from the book to connect with your thinking.