Wednesday, December 10, 2008

School Start Times

Newly elected school board members have just held a vote that reverses school start times. The school boarded voted last night, but it's unclear when we'll swap the schedules. High school in my county starts at 9:30. Last year, we began at 7:20, but the board flipped schedules with the middle schools in order to save transportation costs. for me this meant an increase in child care costs; an effect, I imagine most parents experienced. This year, I wondered if our later start time would bump up student achievement (based on the research about teens and sleep). Ultimately, it is what it is. The people of Orange County elected these school board members on their promise to return to the original start times. Who knew those promises would be fulfilled so quickly?

DH Design. "Alarm Clock." Flickr. 12 Aug 2007. 10 Dec. 2008.

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