Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Challenge Ahead

Thanks so much to the team at  Two Writing Teachers
 for hosting the weekly link up.  I learn so much by writing and reading with you all. Be
sure to stop by Two Writing Teachers to serve yourself up another slice.

How is it nearly March? No seriously. Teachers here at Singapore American School warned me that the time between New Year's and February's end are one giant leap to March.  Indeed, teachers speak truth. March starts this week. That means it is time to warm up my writing muscles.

The 11th annual Slice of Life Story Challenge starts Thursday, March 1st. If you are reading my blog, you likely already know about the Slice of Life challenge as I've met so many amazing teachers by writing my way through this challenge. On the off chance that you are new here, let me highlight the gist of it.
  • Blog everyday for the month of March. *gasp*
  • Join the link up by posting the link to your daily post to the daily call for slices on Two Writing Teachers.
  • Commune with other teacher writers by commenting on at least three slices each day. 
  • Repeat for 31 days. *gasp*
My friend, Beth, and I committed to writing for the challenge together six years ago in 2012.  I have enjoyed every March blogging since. 

Each time the month o' writing approaches, I think about writing topics and how to capture those slices or segments of my teaching days. One year, home sick just before the challenge, I wrote an A to Z list to generate ideas.  I've had teacher friends categorize each day: Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, etc. Slices tell stories. At some point this month, I hope to tell stories about teaching in Singapore, about teaching in an International school and learning how to personalize learning-- I'm organizing ideas in the photo grid with rough titles below.

We are going to have a great month writing. I hope you'll join us!

1  eyes on learners
2  new connections
3  honoring scholars
4  check the horizon
5  vintage surprise
6  learning to cook
7  long distance family
8  catching authors
9  avocado up
10 the walk toward independence
11 the heart of practice
12 observe, ask, reflect
13 support for the slow
14 building bonds
15 when there's a bull on the path
16 hair matters (not)
17 Happy Birthday, Dad
18 heating up
19 immerse yourself
20 finished it!
21 Renoir's tools
22 take every step
23 participation counts

I don't have 31 ideas yet, but I know I don't need to have them. The writing will come, day by day, with time and attention.