Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting at the Heart

We are working on heart transplant simulation activity this week. See the gist of it here.  I love the buzz of conversation; the click and clack of students using laptops to check sources or research facts; the gasps and groans as kids hear each patient's case presented. 

It's been engaging for kids to role play and I have learned a lot about what they know (or remember) about argument.

Eventually, I'll share more. I'll share more about this school-wide domain four day mandated by our principal and more about what it means when teachers give up control and go with it.

I'll write about the classroom move (more than 130 boxes unpacked so far!) and our pseudo-exam week. I'll write about where I am and where I've been in my PLC and in my thinking about grades and assessment. 

For now though, just a snapshot slice of love as my kids reflect on the heart of working together.