Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Readers Talk

While making my rounds talking to readers today about their reading journals a student shared this about Bill Konigsberg's Openly Straight:
 "Oh my God! So good! The ending! I just. Oh! I cried! I had to search up the author. Guess what? He has another book coming out. I PRE-ORDERED IT! Well, my Mom did, " grinned that reader.

Score! I was doing my happy dance (on the inside). 

We are in our fifth week of school. The readers in my room have made themselves known. They are the kids that had a book in hand week one and were already squeezing reading into spare (or stolen) moments. Many students come into my tenth grade class excited and engaged readers. It makes sense. We have a strong reading culture at my school.

Still, while I have some readers at year's start, I also have many kids who aren't convinced books have anything to offer. They sample first one book, then another, leaving both laying on desks or table tops. They say they do not have time to read or they that reading just isn't their thing. They say they would rather ___fill in the blank with any other form of entertainment__  than read. 

I work my hardest for my not yet readers. Instructional moves that ignite curiosity about books and fan the first flames of interest are moves that make a difference well beyond my room and this year.

Next week #engchat returns in its usual 7 - 8 pm Eastern Standard Time slot. I am hosting. Let's talk about readers and the reading routines we use to engage, grow and nurture them.

Here's a quick list of questions and the rough times I'll tweet them.

7:00 pm   Q1: Greetings & salutations. Share your name and teaching context.
7:05 pm   Q2: How do you ignite readers' curiosities?
7:15 pm   Q3: What classroom reading routines help readers choose books and get reading?
7:25 pm   Q4: How do you help readers make plans for their reading futures?
7:35 pm   Q5: What works when it comes to documenting/sharing readers' progress over time?
7:45 pm   Q6: How do you move readers forward when it comes to developing skill and stamina?
7:55 pm   Q7: How do you celebrate readers and books?

I can't wait to hear what you do for the readers in your rooms. See you next Monday!

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  1. Lee Ann, I love your questions. I also love how you come to SEE the kids who are truly READERS by their reading behaviors. Great quick post! THank you for sharing and for supporting your students!

  2. Love this glimpse of your excited and engaged readers and the ways you work for your not yet readers. Both are deserving of our best efforts, but it's totally understandable why you work your hardest for the one group.

  3. All wonderful questions for sparking reader thinking. I haven't participated in an #engchat. Perhaps next week will be my first. Thank you for sharing!