Monday, June 15, 2015

Write for Change

A fractured writing table from my tables series #workinprogress. 

The writing institute at the Atlantic Center for the Arts picked up again this morning. Today change came to the table. We had a change in facilitators. Today, soon to be Doctor Frankie Huff, led us through our drawing, writing and thinking sessions. The writers and artists working here had the weekend to create (no classes/workshop)--I was gloriously productive, but that is another post. We got back to the writing work this morning with another literacy quadrant.

Here's my drawing:

We shared our drawings with partners, then each pair shared out with the whole group. Then we wrote.

Here's what I wrote first:

After lunch we were asked to revisit our drafts with these five questions in mind: 
  1. Why is this issue important to you?
  2. Why is this problem worthy of exploration on a personal or professional level? 
  3. How can you frame the issue as a question? 
  4. Why do you think there has been no reasonable solution?
  5. What solutions have been offered that may not have worked well enough or at all? 
We were tasked with researching our issue and rewriting our drafts. I dove in. Searched and clicked and wrote. Here's what I've woven together for a second draft of this piece.

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  1. I've enjoyed sharing your journey in the writing institute and admit a bit of jealousy! The idea of drafting and then revisiting via the questions posed interests me much. Often, we ask kids to come up w/ a question before thinking through a topic, before they learn enough about a topic to understand the questions it raises. I love having students pose questions they answer in their writing, but I need to remind myself that the questions come from learning.