Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Clutter Clean Up

Ten trash bags are dump-ready. My son and I are reorganizing our studio-office space. The last few weeks away have inspired me to get creating but there's no way in this over stuff-cluttered space. It's due a deep clean. Today I give you a photo slice documenting the messy wreck of the room.  Consider these our before photos. 

First we moved most of the books out to the birthday shelves my husband built in the front room.

The books are not in any order yet, but they are single shelves! Big improvement.

Next to move the bric-a-brac so that we could clear and clean. The art table became a landing zone. 

Oh the binders of workshop overheads! Had to go.

My assistant took a computer break.  There are so many stories on this table: meeting Nikki Giovanni, meeting my cousin Lynn, finding new and old book favorites. There are programs from Vid Con and book quilt squares and Goodwill box finds, now sorted or filed or discarded.

Art cards and acrylic mediums, a roll of cork, a spool of copper wire now shifted off shelf to desk top.

Bottom shelves cleared and cleaned. Six shelves left to go (then maybe we'll think about the closet). Notebooks (these are full) dusted and soldiered across the shelf. 

I've got room for fezzes and yearbook finds. This section nearly done. Poetry and art books and all the little Knicks knacks need arranging still. The top two shelves are in a holding pattern.

We made a lot of progress. We've got lots of bags to haul away.


  1. Oh, Lee Ann, if you read my post, you would understand why I'm laughing right now. Maybe we could send each other virtual high fives, although you seem to have made much more progress than I have. Your room is going to look and "be" fabulous!

  2. Seems it was a trend today. I am working on my youngest's room while he is at camp. ;-)

  3. Seems it was a trend today. I am working on my youngest's room while he is at camp. ;-)

  4. What beautiful new bookshelves! My office looks much like yours, so this post is giving me hope that I can make a dent in my piles this summer. Good luck!

  5. WOW!!! I am impressed. I have some of that cleaning to do too. I'm waiting til my back is feeling better (I tweaked it a couple of days ago) so I am moving much more slowly. 10 bags must feel GOOD!!! I LOVE the pictures! You should try a Thinglink with the pictures. You can label everything. It's a cool site! Happy Cleaning!!!