Saturday, March 14, 2015

Simple Things

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Spring has sprung in Central Florida.  The sky is blue-blue and the clouds are white-white. Golden light and spring green trees. Pollen dusts the cars in the parking lots. Temperatures have lept up to the high eighties and we're a week away from a spring break. 

My classroom has become allergy central. One of my students said, "it sounds like we are all sick in here!" It did too what with the sneezy, coughing, nose-blowing, sniffles going around the room. Still, lots to celebrate this Saturday.

We made it through a busy week without any melt downs.  I have been fighting a sinus infection myself. and I know it's difficult to stay positive and purpose-driven when you don't feel well, but we did (both me and my students). Today students are taking a practice Advanced Placement test in the cafeteria-- I am proud of the students who made and kept the commitment to practice.

Our classroom is well stocked. Parents started to send in more tissue--a huge help. We've depleted our supply and suddenly students are using nearly a box of tissues a day it seems. I'm thankful that we all pitch in to fill the needs of our classroom community.  

I love the lunches I've been making for school lately: homemade soups or chillis with fresh berries. Berry season in Florida starts in January but by March production just pops. We've eaten I don't know how many pounds of strawberries and black berries this, so good! 

Simple things make all the difference. 


  1. Keeping it simple does matter, especially as we near the end of the grading period.

  2. I love fresh berries. The strawberries in Japan are heaven. I also love kids committed enough to come in on Saturday. I miss that.