Friday, January 16, 2015

#YouTubeAsksObama: Teachers, Be Heard

YouTube creators, Hank Green, Bethany Mota and Glo Zell are seeking questions for their interview of President Obama. We have an opportunity. We have an opportunity to ask the questions that plague us in schools, in districts and in states. We have an opportunity to ask questions about high-stakes standardized testing and Common Core Standards.
Hank Green does valuable work as a creative educator through the Crash Course series on YouTube. Educator to educator, I have some questions I'd like him to ask the president. I wonder about education's future in our country. I wonder about my students' futures. 
Do you wonder if President Obama supports virtual delivery of course content over face to face more constructivists methods? I do. Do you wonder if students across our country will be given equal access to technology and broadband in order to meet demands of the 21st century and legislation that calls for digital delivery of content? I do. Do you wonder why public school students this country must pass high-stakes tests to earn diplomas, but public school students in Department of Defense Schools must not pass high-stakes tests to earn diplomas? I do. Can schools allow students to opt-out of tests and still get funding from the federal government? I wonder. 
We have a unique opportunity. Let's share our questions. Let YouTube creators hear a thunder clap of educators' voices on Tuesday so that they have time to weave our words into what they will ask our nation's leader. Tag your questions with ‪#‎YouTubeAsksObama‬. Share your questions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram--stream them, tweet them, like them, favorite them and remix them.
We have an opportunity.
Raise your voice, teachers. 
Be heard.
Start questioning and stay tuned for Thunderclap details

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