Monday, March 24, 2014

Prioritize People

Google always remembers. Love the birthday doodles. 

Today I was thinking about how I could celebrate my own birthday by serving others: volunteering, buying books for the children's hospital, face painting for fun. I thought of a few ways --the best kind of celebrations take me out of myself. Then I started thinking about students.

I am still not good at acknowledging and celebrating students' birthdays. I say happy birthday, yes, but that is the extent of it usually. I would like to plan and be ready.  I would like to have notes for students ready to go. I used to love the idea of writing "my correspondences"--I loved letter writing. It seems I could bring that passion back to life with birthdays.

Prioritize the people. How do we do that? How do we do that at home and in our classrooms? A note maybe, a poem, a drawing or a collage. The problem, at school,  becomes a numbers game.

I can certainly manage 150 notes, but not much else at that volume.  I need to think about something, a small thing, that would matter and be special. A book?

I had a professor, Dr. Crook who gave away books. After each test or essay in his Chaucer class, he'd set up a six foot table and lay out a smorgasbord of books: hardbacks, paper backs, glossy covers, new and used. Any one who'd earned an A on the test or an essay was invited to the table to choose a book to keep. I loved those book gifts.

Here's what I've been thinking about celebrating students's birthdays:

  • with a handwritten note or
  •  a homemade card
  • a favorite or iconic sweet treat 
  • a book gift
  • a poem
  • a book mark
  • a piece of word art

High school celebrations, like my life in the fourth decade, are low key: no whole-class cupcakes, no sheet cake, minimal singing. Still, more birthdays means better living. Celebrate.

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  1. Those are great ideas, Lee Ann...and: Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Great idea! I like gifts of time...and books! Happy Birthday luv.,

  3. No surprise that you're thinking of others on your birthday. What wonderful ideas. I was always bothered that I couldn't manage to celebrate the kids' birthdays better. Seemed like if I had made a calendar at the beginning of the year, I could have done it. But even now, with FB reminders, I fail a bit with my friends. I get caught up in my day and lose track. (Doesn't help that I'm not in the same time zone as most of my friends.) I imagine the students would be grateful for any of these.