Sunday, March 9, 2014

Demanding Daisy

Like my friend, Chloe, March can be rough. 
I'm Daisy. I'm two.
What are you up to? 
I'm trying every cute trick
but she's not buying it.
Mom's ignoring me--
email, writing, Twitter, 
now it's March and she's into 
some Slice of Life thing. 
Who knew it would be a weekend 
commenting challenge? 
I'm about to get into the laundry
basket and drag out the socks
and underpants.
Is she finished ? 
Can we go outside? 
Surely she needs 
to talk a walk? 
She spends a lot of time 
on this machine in March. 
Good thing, Sunday 
was a paint-the-house sort 
of take-a-break day. 
At least we got to go outside!

Stop by Two Writing Teachers  for seconds or to
serve up your own Slice of Life. 


  1. Love the point of view from you puppy! I can only imagine what my cat is saying, my guess is she loves the longer cuddlier days on the couch together!

  2. Dear Daisy,
    I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking March stinks. I'm thinking tomorrow when everyone is gone, I may pull that computer right off her table! Well, not really. But I'd sure like to. Too bad we don't live closer, then at least we could get together and play while they do their blogging thing.

    I hope you get to write again soon! Mom says I get to this week!
    Your friend,

  3. I love that the poem is from Daisy's POV. How fun. And Daisy sure is cute.

  4. Daisy is such a cutie! Loved reading from Daisy's point of view.

  5. She gets mail and writes poetry??? Too cute! Remember, if you run out of time, you can chase her outside at 10 pm with a toothbrush in your mouth. She likes that. (And, as irritating as it is, it'll make you laugh!)