Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Close Encounters

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The bell rings, synthetic bongs sound from the public address speaker that has come detached from my classroom wall. A-lunch is officially over.

I'm watching students walk across the back side of campus after lunch and greeting them at the door as they get to our room when Mariangel and a friend arrive arguing.

"Does she die? Tell me!" Mariangel demands.
"No, " replies the boy.
"Tris dies doesn't she? Who dies? Someone dies?
"Well..." he stammers.
"Why won't anyone tell me the end!?" Mariangel grins at me.

"Don't tell her!" I have to chime in. "It's a great ending Mariangel, you'll get there." No spoilers, I'm thinking. Mariangel laughs and walks into our classroom, clutching books and notebooks, ready to read. The boy remains at the bottom of the stairs. Black hair, glasses, backpack plus books and notebooks in hand, a red and white striped shirt, earnest, I think.

He looks up at me and said, "You read books?"

"Indeed, I do."

I think that surprised him. We had a short in-between-classes sort of conversation about the Divergent trilogy and then he asked if I'd read Legend.

"By Lu?" I replied describing the circular gold icon on the cover. "I haven't read it yet, but you're the second person this week to mention it. Maybe I should."

"It's a series too, Miss. You'd like it," he said.  "It has a good ending."  He hustled away to class.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of that reader.  Love those close encounters of the reading kind.

Mariangel is our class Slicer today  at 31studentsMy students usually post late, after dinner and homework. Feel free to stop by though and share a little encouragement. 


  1. "Close encounters of the reading kind." Oh, I love that phrase and I love those encounters too. Great post about your students! Makes me eager to return to school and talk books after two snow days!!

  2. This is one of my favorite parts of teaching! I love being able to speak with my kids about a book we've both read; in a society that separates us from our kids so often by the things that interest us, finding a common language and topic is an amazing feeling!

  3. "You read books?" i love it! We read books, we go to the movies, and whether they believe it or not, we don't live at school.

  4. There is nothing more heartwarming then to see those bonds form around books!!! Your intro was a very satisfying entry into the piece, bringing me right into the moment.

  5. It is absolutely the best when these moments are overheard...it makes me miss the big kids. Though sometimes they will ask if I've read the latest Pete book. xo

  6. Love the "close encounters of the reading kind" as well. Thanks for sharing this snippet. It's great to hear about real conversations we can have with our students about the books they are reading.

  7. Love hearing about your close encounter, Lee Ann. I have a few while walking in the halls. Teaching book groups in more than one class helps me to know the kids and what they like. (I have Legend sitting in a stack-maybe time to pick it up!)

  8. Well I have just finished Legend and Prodigy...keep thinking that this series must fare well in a US history class somewhere!

  9. I love the ending! And I love those close encounters of the reading kind, too.

  10. Just passed on a book recommendation to one of my students! Hoping to spread more of these close encounters of the reading kind--especially in March!

  11. This encounter makes me smile. Yes, I have a feeling you will be seeing more of this kid. Once you find a reader, you come back again and again.