Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Short List of Sweet Spots

Celebrate your week with Ruth at Discover, Play, Build--focus on the sweet spots of your week. 

It's day twenty-two of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Big thanks to the Two Writing Teachers team for keeping us going and writing alongside us. 

A short list of celebrations in no particular order. 

1. Divergent rocks. We loved it. Fast paced, well timed and cast, we enjoyed watching the book unfold on the big screen. 

2. The Legend trilogy by Marie Lu--definitely a golden story full of heroes and heart--left me gasping it is so good. So glad students recommended this one to me. 

3. Spring break and time to write--lots to look forward to this week. 

4. Listening to my husband and son build Legos.  Their talk and laughter is Saturday sweet.  They've been working on a motorized evacuator (Technic 8110) and are on the last pages of the build.

5 & 6.  Sunshine and blue skies were perfect for The Winter Park Art Festival this morning. We met my Mom, Auntie Gayla and Uncle Tim--visiting from Colorado-- Tim and Gayla are friends of my parents that moved away more than forty years ago. They still visit and I can't break the Aunt and Uncle habit. It is such a treat to visit and talk with them. We had a nice art-filled stroll down the Avenue. I really enjoyed talking to a few artists about their techniques and pieces. I learned about image transfer and welding and layering paint. Amy Flynn's Fobots make me want to learn how to weld--aren't they cool?  

7. Honey from Uncle Tim's bees. I am very curious about the honey making process--well the bees make the honey, I know, but collecting it, filtering it, jarring it. I'm curious about the process. Of course eating honey from a backyard beekeeper--that I love.


  1. Wonderful List!!! Enjoy your Spring Break. I'm looking forward to the gift of time for plenty of writing.

  2. Wonderful things to celebrate. And hope the honey is extra tasty. Enjoy!

  3. So cool to hear you're close & having a winter ski-cation, Lee Ann. Winter Park is a good place to be. I enjoyed all your sharing, but must say that Lego creation is awesome. They just get more & more interesting. There is a Lego store in Denver that I've been to with my grandson-such fun to see all that is available. Have a great break!

  4. "Saturday sweet" that!! So glad to hear Divergent is good...going Monday night. And Legend is on my TBR list...I guess I should move it up. Thank you! Love the list!!

  5. If I had been at the WP Art Festival I would have bought one of those Fobots. So Cool! Ok, after your post I looked up Divergent and it's playing in our little theater next week. Yeah! I might have to wait until my spring break for Legend, but I am so looking forward to it. Happy Spring Break! :)