Sunday, March 17, 2013


Visit Two Writing Teachers and serve up your own slice!

I'm done. I didn't finish the laundry. I haven't made dinner. I forgot to wash the dog, but I'm done.  I didn't think it would take the day, but it did. The round up slices for my students for the rest of the month are scheduled. Today I finished 18-31. Last year, my friend Beth and I collaborated. We did a ten-day challenge with students and took turns creating the round up slices. I remember looking forward to seeing what she'd use for the day's round up--each slice a surprise. This year I'm on my own. It's been challenging, but I am was determined to do it. It feels good to have finished and scheduled the round up posts.

They aren't long, just a quote, a few words, a tag, date and time and publish: done. I enjoyed working on the quotes. I played in Photoshop. Today I learned how to fill a section with a pattern instead of just a color. I learn a little bit at a time. 

Today's crafting helped me think my way through the rest of the month and the personal challenges ahead. From Tuesday's worries--I'm having surgery on my right should Wednesday--to my birthday slice and our grand finale celebration, I imagined each day. 

My husband worked today so that he doesn't have spend vacation time to care for me later in the week. I will work Monday and Tuesday and then start my spring break early with the shoulder repair. I need to shop for a dress I can pull-on underneath a sling. I need to grocery shop. I should have cooked more ahead, but I know I won't starve. I know surgery will go well. I have a good doctor and family and friends who will help. Today I could have done all sorts of things to get the house or my wardrobe ready. Instead, I spent it on students and writing. I felt a bit guilty when my husband came home to a quiet house, no dinner made. 

I'm thinking these quotes will make nice note cards. Work is never wasted.

See the images on Flicker here


  1. You are my hero!! I hope your surgery goes well and your spring break is fabulous through your recovery.

  2. Lovely! I saw the images post to flickr from your FB page and I wondered what they were for. It must feel nice to have them all set and ready to go. Best of luck on your surgery.

  3. I have some meals for you and I have a special treat too! Remember that Uncle Daryl is also available as well! Good to be done! The images are super cool and I have been following them on flicker all day!

  4. I love that you spent your day preparing for what was on your heart today. It sounds like you have an awesome support network to be there for after the surgery. My classes aren't slicing this year..this is my first year and I felt I needed to get the hang of it, but I am looking forward to setting some things up like you did next year. I may be back for advice later! Best of luck with your surgery! I'm glad your post happened to be so near mine today...not sure I would have found it otherwise!

  5. Bravo! Your kids are lucky to have you and your dedication to their learning, what have you done to celebrate?!