Sunday, March 31, 2013


It's the final day of the month long Slice of Life Story Challenge. Last year I reflected by creating a word picture of my blog, so I thought I'd take another look and see. I'm glad to see students take center spot and I am interested in how reading and writing are similarly sized. For me, this year's challenge was about writing and so much more. You know that soda commercial that says "and..., and..." ? That sums up the abundance of this month's challenge:
  • writing and
  • reflection and
  • community and 
  • commenting and
  • students and
  • five classes and
  • new friends and 
  • using the schedule feature on Blogger and 
  • skyping and
  • creating writing quotes in CS5 and
  • writing with my son and
  • posting a round up slice for students each day and 
  • welcoming new slicers and
  • celebrating being joined by colleagues B and K and
  • enjoying every minute
  • of together.
I hope you'll come back Tuesday as the Slice of Life continues. Happy slicing everyone!


  1. It has been a month of "and"--so many god things.

  2. I love the idea of "and"! I found this year challenging with my own slices AND the student challenge (AND all that entails...), but even so much more rewarding! Thank you for making my students' experiences even more special, since we had all of each other AND you AND your students! :-)

  3. The word art your shared is so inspiring! Jim Collins writes about the Genius of the And in his book, Great By Choice, and your final posts beautifully captures his message. Thanks for sharing your art with the world, and thanks for replying to my blogs periodically. Happy Easter.

  4. So fun to see how everyone is finishing the challenge. So many have been reluctant to say 'it is the end', but found a myriad of ways to say 'keeping on', as you have Lee Ann. I have learned from you this month, AND look forward to more AND thank you for the comments, the support. See you on Tuesdays!

  5. Thank you for so many interesting and educational posts! Some are bookmarked for later reading. Wish I had had more time to read more of your students' posts.

  6. And surgery! Congratulations on successfully completely your challenge. I've enjoyed reading!