Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slice of Life Tuesday: Taking Wing

My friend Beth from Seeking Six (and real life and school) found an amazing costume idea on Pinterest: book fairies. Beth's husband is an artist he devised a way for us to make our wings more feather like. I'm finishing up my Book Fairy wings this evening. I'll work on a wand tomorrow.

It's homecoming week at my high school. That means costumes each day of the week: pajama day, alter ego day (I was a Nerdfighter/artist), twin day, out of this world day and spirit day. Eight of us English and reading teachers are becoming book fairies. We will be out of this world on Thursday.

We are Book Fairies. We lure students to story. We hand off books to friends, our dental hygienists, teachers, administrators and even our in-laws. Like Penny Kittle, we have a serious case of Book Love.

Here's a sneak peak at the wings in progress. Imagine card board covered in dictionary pages and attached to  empty book cover; straps run through the spine.

I will have to turn sideways to walk through the classroom door. I seem to have a nearly six-foot wing span. When ideas take flight, watch out.


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  1. Love the pics, Lee Ann, & the idea. You must have a great team! Good luck with the craziness of spirit week!