Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest for Writing

I love the look of Pinterest. Clean. Functional. It's user friendly. More so though, the boards once created are the full monty:  color, photographs, graphic art, illustrations. And such precise squared corners and white, white borders. I love the look.

I didn't spend much time exploring Pinterest last fall when I first created an account and I wish I'd dipped into the Pinterest pool sooner.  If I can access it from school (and I might be able to if access is truly changing to a tiered "by user log in" system), I want to use it to inspire my writers. 

There are so many ways we can think, talk and write about a photograph or a snapshot or a quote. So, I've spent a bit of summer serendipity skipping through images and inspiration online, then pinning it to an inspiration or blogging board.  They're not organized yet (by theme or school day), but I'm enjoying the gathering of ideas. 


  1. I just signed up last night and spent a bit of time repinning things. This morning, I'm experimenting with pinning my own things (your blog is my first). I realize that I'm going to need more specific boards than what I have set up to make this really useful. It is easy to use, though, and I like it better than bookmarking favorites. I'll be interested to see how you use it with students.

  2. I love Pinterest...
    I have a classroom board that I recently started. Such a great way to save ideas and inspiration.
    I can't wait to see how you make it work in your classroom.