Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Question Tuesday

John Green's "Sharpie Face Question Tuesday" from last week post brought back many fine memories from this past year's Project for Awesome and brought lots of good Nerdfighter news to celebrate (The Fault in Our Stars movie option for one).  In the vlog, Green answers Nerdfighter's questions, one of which is "did you ever want to be a teacher?"

His reply, "Yeah and now that there's 'Crash Course' I can kind of be one and not to geek out or anything but I am totally living my teacher dream!"

I love that John Green has a teacher dream. I am totally living one of my teacher dreams this week. To get ready for day two in Linda Rief's classroom, I thought I'd blog a few questions, call it my own version of "Question Tuesday."

Here's a list from my journal that I started yesterday:

Do you test? or quiz?
Are students always working on a variety of genres in writing at any 1 time?
Do you track students' independent work with a status of the class?
Do students have a common language--vocabulary: academic vocabulary or readers'/writers' vocabulary?

As you can see in the picture, I jotted a few answers down yesterday as Linda and I talked. I'm looking forward to more conversation today.

Today is writing conferences. I'm already wondering:
How do you schedule conference time?
What happens if another student or group has a question while you're conferencing?
What systems do you use to track conference conversations?

Questions abound! And I'm off to discover answers. Have a great Tuesday.


  1. okay...so I'm very envious...how did you get this opportunity?

  2. Here is my question...obviously required reading not a requirement??? It seems there is more freedom in middle school...just that for right now...having been thinking of work arounds...if kids are doing self-selected reading...lit circles of required reading titles when they are ready??

  3. We had a good conversation about whole-class works yesterday during lunch. There is indeed a bit more freedom in middle school and as Linda has reminded me more than once, a teacher can do much different things with 75 students per day (as compared to our 140-150). Bottom line? Whole class works have a place and have value.