Thursday, November 25, 2010

What's Your Quiet Signal?

My quiet signal is a llama hand sign. I was once a llama wrangler at Lost Trail Ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Four months at 13K feet sans electricity and indoor plumbing (guest had plumbing). Ninth graders are a lot like llamas and when I was looking for a quiet signal this year, Pammy and Dani of 5th period fame yelled llama, made the hand sign and that was that. Have you see the llama song on YouTube? I hadn't either--not one of the million viewers--I prefer the Green brother's Obama llama parody. But my students know it, so I looked it up.

Can you believe llama-ed it up at the English Companion Ning Meet Up? My students are going to laugh out loud. The room a buzz with conversation, What a time we had visiting.Here are the photos Noah took during the meet up:

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