Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nerd Power

My husband and son came out to Disney to meet me last night. We went to dinner where my husband teased me about my nerdiness.

"Is Dad a nerd, Mom?" Collin asked.
"No," I replied. "Dad is not nerd. Not even a nerd by association."
"Yes, he is!" Collin insisted.
"Nope. He's not. He's a foodie. He reads magazines, goes fishing and brews root beer. Not a nerd."
"Am I nerd?"he asked.
"Hmmm, well, you read."
"I do read!" He finished the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book last night before going to bed. I'd given it to him at dinner.
"You play on the computer."
"I do."
"But you're missing something."
"What? What is it?"
"You don't have the pen. The pen clipped onto your shirt. See? Dad's not wearing one either--that's how you know. He's not a nerd."

So this morning, I get up and get to the ALAN room early. First for seats, up early to geek out, Rick and Collin met me here. Guess what? He clipped the hotel room pen to his t-shirt. Nerds unite!

 My son is going to sit with me at ALAN today: listen in to the author's speak, act as my book sherpa when needed, and soak up the passion for reading that is the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents. What a great day it's going to be!

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