Friday, January 30, 2009

Climbing the Learning Ladder

How do you learn? How do you hone your craft? I just finished a reading endorsement course from which I just received, via email, a print-your-own certificate. This got me thinking this morning about my learning as a teacher. What kinds of professional development do I do? How do I learn? What makes the difference in my actual classroom?

I learn by:
  • reading professional books
  • reading journals
  • reading educational blogs (see the blogroll for titles)
  • reading listservs or email newsletters
  • writing blog posts
  • writing about my teaching in my journal
  • writing a column for Stenhouse Newslinks
  • taking courses online to add-on to my certificate
  • going to conferences (breakout sessions and keynotes)
  • listening to and reading comments from my personal learning network (PLN)
  • Following educators and edu-technologists on Twitter
  • Talking with teachers
  • Trying things out in- in class and online
  • Connecting with others online
  • Collaborating with teachers
  • Watching other people teach and connecting it to my own practice
  • Presenting workshops
  • Reflecting
How do you learn about teaching?

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