Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Show Pre-Recorded

Reading teachers from two high schools gathered at Cypress Creek this Saturday morning for a day of working and thinking and learning. What a pleasure it was to be in such good company. I decided to try recording my workshop session on literature circles with Ustream. I was amazed to capture the entire 90 minute workshop and save it to my videos on Ustream. It's unedited raw video,but when I tweeted question about saving the file, etc., Kevin Jarrett from my Twitter network let me know that I could download the .flv file, convert it and then edit; I've done all but the edit so far (I love my personal learning network!). The camera position and sound are not fantastic, but I can see how a student who missed a lesson in class could get the gist from a video that captured the day's mini-lesson. I do that with screen casts quite often, but I've never used the web based video.

Below are the workshop handouts. Leave a comment or give me a tweet if something doesn't make sense or you want to extend the conversation.

Finding the Magic Peer to Peer

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